• $40.00

HALYARD* Sterilization Wrap

Born to protect every tray with confidence

HALYARD* Wrap was invented to provide an affordable, high-performance alternative to traditional cloth wrapping materials and bulky metal containers. Today, HALYARD* Sterilization Wrap is the industry standard for sterile processing teams around the world.

  • Extensive independent laboratory testing assures that all HALYARD* Wrap delivers the optimum balance of properties needed to ensure the sterility of your instruments:
    • Strength and resistance to tearing
    • Flame resistance
    • Resistance to linting and abrasion
    • microbial barrier
    • effective sterilant penetration
  • All HALYARD* Wrap features POWERGUARD* Technology for enhanced microbial barrier protection
  • Available in eight grades from H100 to H650 to meet the full range of applications; the higher the number, the stronger the wrap.