About Us

Montana Dental Supply was created in 2014 by a dentist with one thought in mind, saving other dentists money. Tired of seeing price gouging and non-transparent pricing in the industry, Dr. Cory Sager set out to develop a business model that would allow other dentists to save and not have to wonder, "am I getting the best deal?".

Our business model is simple. We believe in full transparency. We believe that you should be able to SEE our best pricing and know that everyone is being offered the same price across the board. It doesn't matter if you are a small or large office. We aren't cutting deals with some and not others.


  • Our Autoship & Save model allows us to know in advance what people will need. This allows us to order just what we need in advance and in turn, save on inventory storage overhead. It gives us a lot more control and cost savings over our competitors. This allows us to pass savings on you you!
  • We don't need to pay to have huge sales teams bombarding offices with the newest "deal" every month. We would love to meet you and get you started, but after that, it is easy to reorder and clearly see what our prices are. We do not need to inflate our prices to cover large employee overhead.
  • We don't offer every supply item that exists. We have chosen to keep our menu simple. We include supplies that you always need and always order, but don't necessarily need to choose every time. No more paying hygienists and office assistants to recreate the same orders time and time again. They can quickly review their order summary before shipment and make any adjustments needed, but it's already there for them. It takes a fraction of the time it did previously.
  • Our team is an excellent resource. Our staff is comprised of dental staff, not sales people. We have used and loved every item we offer. We can answer any question you have from a hands-on point of view.