Harmony Anterior Dual Arch Tray (40 Trays/Box)

  • $64.00

The Harmony Anterior Dual Arch Tray will capture the prepared teeth, the opposing arch, the bite registration, and the patient’s facial midline, in one simple step. The Harmony Anterior Dual Arch Tray can be used without alignment sticks for single units, or with them for multiple units. No more slanted crowns or veneers.

Performance in a Clinical Trial

In an extensive Clincians Report* independent dental products evaluation, the Harmony Dual Arch Trays were highly rated. More than 60% of the evaluators would incorporate them into their practice, with 73% rating them excellent and worthy of recommendation to colleagues.

*An independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation, Clinicians Report®, July, 2018. For the full report, click this link: 

Clincians Report July 2018 – Full Version

Harmony Anterior Posterior Dual Arch Trays Instructional Flyer

(40 trays / box)